National Geographic photographer’s Alberta landscapes and adventures coming to Calgary
Paul Zizka captures the beauty of Fortress Mountain.
Photo by Paul Zizka

By Sue L. Blanchard.

Anyone who loves National Geographic magazine can take in the impressive photos and adventures of Alberta photographer and National Geographic Fellow Paul Zizka. 

Zizka will project his stellar images onto a screen in a story-filled event at the Calgary Central Library the evening of April 25, 2020.  Tickets are selling fast for $20-30 courtesy of the Great Divide Trail Association. Eventbrite registration is here: http://bit.ly/GreatDivide-Zizka 

The Banff photographer’s compositions grace the glossy pages of magazines around the world but some of his best shots for the show will come from his photo shoots of geologic wonders in the back country of Alberta.

These gained international exposure when Zizka photographed himself as a dark figure against a striking hinterland. While shrouded in darkness, Zizka’s silhouette gives way to enormous panoramas in evening and morning light—sweeping mountain ranges, blazing skies and frozen waterfalls.

Zizka has published six books and award-winning landscapes with rugged hikers, climbers and other athletes in the Rockies. Thanks to an exhaustive portfolio of spectacular scenery, Calgarians will not only see some of Alberta’s hidden gems but also hear Zizka describe his amazing photo shoots in spectacular settings.

With the Great Divide Trail Association as event host, Calgarians will learn how to reach the Great Divide Trail to hike, run, and ride horseback along the border trail’s 1,200 km route.

The Great Divide Trail zig-zags between Alberta and British Columbia. Anyone who has traversed it and sees Zizka’s landscapes at the show will know how it feels to traverse its mountainous outback, both majestic and strenuous for the few hearty athletes who have trekked the entire 1,200 kms.

Zizka’s books are listed here (https://zizka.ca/).  In all, he displays the beauty that the camera reveals but the naked eye cannot see.

To promote a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.