Bow Corridor Link Trail

Type of Trail:

East portion of the trail varies between an old fire road and a more natural surface. Western section consists of short pieces of abandoned service road, utility right-of-way and narrow, natural trails through dense, coniferous forest.

Historical Perspective:

Trails abound in the Bow Corridor region of Alberta. This area has historically been a major east-west transportation corridor. The narrow valley contains two highways, a river and a railway. The trail link connects Calgary and Kananaskis Country with Canmore and Banff. It was the first section of the Trans Canada Trail to be registered in the province of Alberta.


The trail travels through dense forest and meadows with one short stretch under a power line and the occasional vista of mountains across the Bow Valley. There are several slopes averaging 30 m vertical with steep and uneven slopes to be considered. Portions of the trail intersect wildlife corridors and cross two natural sulphur springs. Natural materials harvested from the area were used for all trail structures.


To access the trail from the east, take the Trans Canada Highway from Calgary to Heart Creek trail access point. The trail begins at the Trans Canada Trail marker in the west corner of the parking lot. To access the trail from the west, travel east on the Trans Canada Highway from Canmore and take the Pigeon Mountain exit opposite Deadman’s Flats.


Trans Canada Trail signage is in place. An information kiosk is at the Heart Creek trailhead.


Include interpretive signs, parking, picnic tables and pit toilets at the Heart Creek trailhead. Deadman’s Flats has a wide range of services including a campground.

Points of Interest:

Natural inhabitants of this area include black bear, cougar and grizzly bear – Lac Des Arcs is a rest area for migrating swans. Flora at higher elevations includes Harebells, Asters, Goldenrod, Yarrow, Indian Paintbrush, Fireweed and Northern Bedstraw. The 300 m high cliff bordering the trail is popular with ice climbers.


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