Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Type of Trail:

The Trans Canada Trail system through Cypress Hills, Alberta spans approximately 32 kilometres from the Saskatchewan/Alberta border to the west end of Elkwater Lake. It is comprised of the Battle Creek Road as well as the following trails: Spruce Coulee, Sunset, Soggy Bottom, Shoreline and a section officially called the Trans Canada Trail. There are a number of other linking trails in the Park.

Historical Perspective:

Spectacular hills covered with evergreen forest and lush grassland with great vistas of surrounding prairie. Grasslands (fescue) found here are rare in Canada. A unique species of orchid is also found in the Park.


Parts of the trail provide a moderately strenuous climb, but the trails are mostly easy hiking. The trail traverses several forest types as well as marsh and lake. (See attached individual trails for more specific information.)


See individual trails, at right, for access information.


Signage is in place throughout the Park.


The Park features numerous campgrounds. Motel, restaurant, groceries and other facilities are located in Elkwater.

Points of Interest:

Typical wildlife includes moose and elk. There are no bears, poisonous snakes or cliffs. Unique species of plant life are found throughout the park area.


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