Friendship Trail

Type of Trail:

A combination of road allowances, treed segments and private pasture lands.

Historical Perspective:

Prior to the Canadian government’s encouragement of agricultural development in Peace River Country, little settlement existed in the area. After government suggestions for development, homesteaders made their way along the Grouard Trail – used for centuries by the native peoples of the area.


The trail consists of 12.9 km of existing roads and approximately 16 km of new trail that passes through various landscapes on flat and slightly rolling terrain. Trees in the area are primarily poplar with some spruce in the Wilderness Park area. An assortment of challenges, both in construction methods and materials, have presented themselves during the making of this trail.


Trans Canada Trail signage is in place.


Washroom facilities are available at the Mighty Peace Golf and Country Club, and other facilities are available at Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park including camping, washroom and water facilities. Misery Mountain Ski Resort offers a ski lodge, beach volleyball courts and baseball diamonds.

Points of Interest:

Lac Cardinal, Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, Wilderness Park, Mighty Peace Golf and Country Club and Misery Mountain Ski Hill and Recreation Area. There are many opportunities to observe wildlife, including mule deer, moose, geese, ducks, songbirds, owls, and the magnificent Northern landscape.


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