Board and Staff

Board and Staff

Alberta TrailNet Society’s Board of Directors provides governance and committed leadership. Board members develop and oversee Alberta TrailNet policies and procedures, and guide achievement of the Society’s Mission and Mandate.

Board of Directors

  • Ross Hayes, President – Calgary, AB
  • Reg Gunson, Vice-President (Trail Development) – Calgary, AB
  • Debbie Olsen, Vice-President (Stakeholder Liaison) – Lacombe, AB
  • Sheila Thompson, Secretary – Edmonton, AB
  • Paul Poirier, Vice President (Communications)- Edmonton, AB
  • Ronda Rankin, Treasurer- Calgary, AB
  • Marvin Bjornstad – Elk Point, AB
  • Christine Nelson – Edmonton, AB
  • Loren Winnick – Edmonton, AB
  • Jay Mills – Water Valley, AB
  • Ferd Caron – Sturgeon County, AB
  • Paul Poirier – Edmonton, AB
  • Alberta Bicycle Association rep. Jeff Gruttz – Calgary, AB
  • Alberta Equestrian Federation rep. Jason Edworthy  – Calgary, AB
  • Alberta Hiking Association rep. David Wasserman – Edmonton, AB
  • Alberta Snowmobile Association rep. Chris Brookes – Edmonton, AB
  • Alberta Recreation and Parks rep. Ken Luck – Spruce Grove, AB
  • Cross Country Alberta rep. Ronena Wolach – Calgary, AB


  • Linda Strong-Watson, Executive Director
  • Courtney King, Administration/Communications
  • Fred Wilton, Special Projects Coordinator (Contractor)
  • Colleen Bannon, Accounting (Contractor)
  • Andrea Collins, Communications (Contractor)

To promote a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.