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There is a range of grant programs that may provide funding for local trail projects; you will find a list of some of them with related links below. Numerous others are run by foundations, non-profit organizations and private companies that you can search on your own. It is recommended that you carefully read the requirements for each grant to see if your organization is eligible, and also check to ensure the grant program/funding is still available.

Trans Canada Trail Funding

Trail groups that are developing sections of the Trans Canada Trail in Alberta may be able to access grant funding from Trans Canada Trail. For information on how to submit a grant application, go to or contact Alberta TrailNet.

Alberta’s Public Land Trails Grant Program

Alberta’s Public Land Trails Grant Program was established in 2022 to enhance recreation management on designated public lands trails on provincial Crown land (with the exception of land within provincial parks, wildland provincial parks and ecological reserves) by providing funding opportunities for recreation partners.   Further information.

Alberta Culture and Tourism Community Funding

Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) has moved to two clear funding streams:  Small – for projects up to $125,000 and Large – for projects over $125,001 and up to $1 million.  Requests over $1M will be forwarded to GoA capital planning process for consideration.

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Small projects – There are 3 application deadlines per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). Large projects one time per year. For details or an application form, click here.

Community Initiatives Program 1. reinvests revenues generated from provincial lotteries into communities 2. empowers local citizens and community organizations to work together and 3.responds to local needs.

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CIP provides 4 funding streams in order to address the specific or unique needs of community-based organizations.  For application information, click here.

Other Initiatives Program Community-based projects that fall outside the scope of other Community Grants funding streams.

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The application must contact program staff prior to submitting an application. For details, click here.

Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program

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 This program provides multi-year for up to three years to Alberta -based capacity building non-profit organizations. visit Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program.

Alberta Culture and Tourism Heritage and Museums

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation includes the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program; which offers grants for innovative educational projects for young Albertans; Provincial Heritage Markers Program; projects that promote awareness of Alberta’s history; installation of interpretive plaques, monuments and markers; initiatives such as workshops, seminars or conferences related to heritage preservation; research; publications; heritage trades training; and conservation, Geographical Names Program; and Heritage Awards.

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Application deadlines are February 1 and September 1. For details or an application form, click here or call (780)-431-2305.

Alberta Sport Connection includes a funding program for sport events, sport development and donations to eligible non-profit organizations in Alberta.

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Grant opportunities, for details, click here.

Alberta Municipal Affairs-Municipalities and Communities: Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Capital Funding supports qualifying projects that result in the purchase, construction, development, betterment or rehabilitation of infrastructure that enhances long-term municipal sustainability.

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Eligible projects include municipal roads, bridges, public transit, water and wastewater systems, emergency services facilities and equipment, solid waste management facilities and equipment, regional and community airport facilities and equipment, and other municipal buildings and facilities such as recreational and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings, and cultural/community centres. Applications must be submitted by a municipality, Metis Settlement or other eligible organization. Deadline: April 1. For details or an application form, phone 780-427-2225 or visit website.

Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) supports qualifying operating expenses relating to planning activities, capacity building, municipal services, and support to non-profit organizations.

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Eligible projects include the development of community sustainability plans and support for shared service arrangements with other municipalities. Applications must be submitted by a municipality, Metis Settlement or other eligible organization. Deadline: April 1. For details or an application form, call phone 780-427-2225 or visit website

Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) – For Municipalities – grant funding that provides financial asstance to rural and smaller urban municipalities to develop and maintain key local transportation infrastructure, such as roads bridges, community airports, and resource roads.

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Eligible projects include significant regional approaches to municipal service delivery, improved overall municipal capacity through collaborative activities, and strong inter-municipal relations that strengthen community identities and improve quality of life. For details call your region, applications due November 30 for funding the following year. – Central, North Central, Peace, Southern, Fort McMurray or visit websiteGuidelines

To promote a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.