Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Alberta Recreation Survey 2022 – is Canada’s longest-running recreation survey, having started in 1981.  Over 5000 Albertans responded in 2022, and 98% of those participated in recreation!

2022 Alberta Recreation Survey Report – The survey was completed through a collaborative effort led by the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association, with funding and design support from the Alberta Government.

Trail corridors and greenways are accessible to all income groups, particularly to those who cannot afford the cost of some alternative outdoor experiences. Common trail activities such as walking, bicycling and cross-country skiing prove to be quite inexpensive, providing accessible recreation opportunities to a wide range of people. “An important by-product of trails is improved self-image and social relationships, reduced crime, a livelier community atmosphere and a lifestyle that encourages young people to find their entertainment in healthier and more wholesome ways.” (Active Living – Go for Green, 1996) Trails encourage community participation and infuse pride through neighbourhood groups, connecting rural and urban centres, and taking ownership of community projects. Partnerships can be built among private companies, landowners, neighbouring municipalities, local government and advocacy groups in order to promote community involvement (Warren 1998).

Source: Alberta Recreation and Parks Association: Trails Policy Paper

To promote a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.