Dirt Series: Fat Bike Progression Series

“Winter is here and we are ready to get our fat bikes off the wall and into the snow! Join us for our winter riding series, with Fat Bike clinics in Edmonton, Kananaskis and Calgary – perfect for those who are new to winter riding, or those ready to build confidence on their fat bikes.
November clinics are now open for registration – sign up today to secure your space!” – Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps

Calgary – https://dirtseries.com/product/progression-series-calgary-evening-fat-bike/?mc_cid=fccb25addb&mc_eid=fe76c06906

Edmonton – https://dirtseries.com/product/progression-series-edmonton-fat-bike/?mc_cid=fccb25addb&mc_eid=fe76c06906

Kananaskis – https://dirtseries.com/product/progression-series-kananaskis-fat-bike/?mc_cid=fccb25addb&mc_eid=fe76c06906
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