What is JRPM?

Alberta Recreation & Parks Association (ARPA) recognizes the month of June as “June is Recreation & Parks Month”  (JRPM).  JRPM highlights the benefits that recreation and parks bring to our communities, and acknowledges the strong foundation of parks and recreation facilities & programs in Alberta.  

Alberta TrailNet signed the proclamation signaling our support to the Alberta community that quality recreation and parks resources are beneficial.  Creating healthy places to live, work and play are essential.    We encourage you to #celebratJRPM and visit the website to  download the Proclamation and participate in the four weekly themes:  
Week 1:  Love your Parks & Green Spaces
Week 2:  Connect with the Land
Week 3:  Inclusive Recreation
Week 4: Explore your Community


To promote a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.